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For garments constructed with vintage or antique pieces, please be aware that many of the fabric and lace fragments used  are precious and irreplaceable -- some were finely hand-embroidered by skilled hands more than 125 years ago -- a skilled craft long gone and one never to be repeated in the years ahead.

The antique pieces are a variety of fibers including silk, linen and cotton. Handle with special care.

As with anything over a century old, they bear a few aged characteristics and imperfections, including age spots, vintage darning and mending, and are inherently delicate.

The vintage pieces also can show their age and should also be handled with care.

They may consist of silk, rayon, cotton, linen, nylon or other synthetic fibers. Also, the aged fibers may accept fabric dye unevenly.

If you prefer not to have imperfections as described above, in your collection, please kindly refrain from purchase. 


Antique textiles and laces are priceless and irreplaceable. 

Every garment I create with these items is inherently OOAK and can be purchased  nowhere else in the world.  

They are priced accordingly.


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